Before dedicating most of my time to art and photography I worked in the Art & Drama Department at a large broadcasting company; as an e-commerce consultant; at a large publishing company, and at an advertising agency. Occasionally I work as a interior designer. I always liked working in a field where one can make beautiful and intriguing visual work for an audience.

I was born in 1966 in The Netherlands and lived in Amsterdam most of my life. Although I studied Philosophy and Communication Science I followed numerous courses on photography and fine art printing at different institutes.

The art of storytelling is one of the most important skills we have as human beings. By telling others about our experiences or interpretations we make sure it all makes some kind of sense. Some people sing, some paint, I do like to write things down in light by creating portraits of all kinds of subjects in photographic sequences.

First I did take single pictures but somehow I always felt there was something missing. A beautiful picture by itself is not good enough for me. I like to tell a story. But somehow I find regular photography to limited for what I want to express. For well over a century photographers have made more than enough single pictures to fill all the walls and glossy books you can ever look at. Do we really need another black and white picture of the contours of a female body? Are there not enough ‘phenomenal sunsets’ to be seen in the tourist shops? I think this century demands more from an artist who wants to tell his story in pictures.