Me & my Mamiya
Me and my Mamiya

Old days
As a child I used whatever was cheap and available, but once I learned a little about technique I started using Nikon for 35 mm film. When occasionally shooting in color I preferred slide film. For b&w my favorite brands of film were Ilford and Kodak (Tri-x developed in D-76). Much later, when I started working with medium format, I used the Mamiya RZ pro II camera with a 180mm lens in combination with a Seconic L-508 light meter.

Since everything has become digital I never use my ‘old equipment’ anymore. When I went digital a few years ago I also changed brands. Today all my camera gear is from Canon, like the EOS 10D and EOS 5D and my favorite EF 24-70mm 1:2.8L lens. Other digital equipment I use is a GretagMacbeth Eye-One Display 2 for monitor calibration and the Stylus 2400 printer from Epson.